Give the Gift of a Building

Today is Giving Tuesday (#givingtuesday), a day dedicated to making positive impacts around the world through financial giving online, that any of us can participate in. As we are entering into the last month of the year, we wanted to share a big goal with you for the upcoming new year. 

We have an opportunity to rent a building but we need your help! This building (photo below) will be used as an office for Sant Espwa and a resource for the community! We will host all of ur programs in this space and it will give us an opportunity to reach more people in the community! Sant Espwa translates to "Center of Hope" in Haitian Creole and that is exactly what we want for this space in the community. This space will be used for:

  • Sant Espwa's central office;
  • Weekly bible studies with CEPRAS;
  • Saturday children's program (bible lesson, prayer, & a variety of activities);
  • Summer long VBS and sports camps;
  • Spiritual conferences with CEPRAS and their partner organizations;
  • Resources to other organizations nearby with specific ministry focuses;
  • Future printing/copying business; and
  • Relationship building.

You may be asking why this is important, and we want to explain. Right now, we have no office space. We have 43 students in our sponsorship program around the community of Clercine, Haiti and a large wait list for those we can't accept right now. When parents have questions, or they need to pick materials up, or someone is inquiring about our program, they go to our directors house directly. We have not successfully found a consistent location to hold our Saturday program at, resulting in disappointed children. Our weekly bible study is held at a school, but is not available for use until late into the evening - making it hard/unsafe for some to attend. Truthfully, there are many reasons why this space is so important to us, but we trust that you hear our concerns and also vision for this space. 

We have a year-end goal of raising $10,000 to make this vision into a reality. Starting today and for the next 24 hours we are hoping to raise $5,000 of that goal and we need YOUR help! If you feel led to be part of this change, you can make a tax-deductible donation here on our website under the Year-End Giving tab and it will go directly to this building!  

We thank you for all of your continued support!