Easter egg hunts, games, food, fellowship and prayer! That was what Thursday consisted of for us. But let me backup and share a little bit more about WHO we shared this day with. If you take a 4 minute walk down the road from CMAS, there is an orphanage with 22 boys that live there. Once in a while we would see one or two of the boys by the gates of CMAS. After learning more about this orphanage and through lots of prayer and discussion with our team, we have decided to slowly start partnering with them. Our mission at SE is to help keep families together and to help empower not only families but the community. So while there are A LOT of ongoing private discussions about families and this orphanage, we are still plowing forward with pouring love into these children who are part of the community of Clercine.
Now, back to Thursday. We went to the orphanage and did an Easter egg hunt and played some games with the boys. It was pure joy. The boys had to pick a partner for the games and they included everyone. No complaining, no fussing over not wanting to be partners with another child or anything like that. There is a brotherhood among these boys. I think one of my favorite parts is also watching the interaction between our Haitian team and the boys. They play soccer with them, they jump rope and really anything else they are doing. 

After the orphanage we headed back to the school and got ready for the families in our program to arrive. We had around 80 people show up and again we did an Easter egg hunt, played games, had yummy food (thanks to CEPRAS), fellowship and prayed together.  The day could not have been better. God's light continues to shine in this community and we are so thankful for His everlasting love and grace as He leads us on this journey!!

We ended our day having dinner with the Haiti Awake team who are about one mile down from Clercine. It was such a blessing to meet them all, have dinner on their balcony, watch the sunset, and most importantly - hear about what God is doing in their ministry. We love #kingdombuilders! Thank you again, Becky!