House visits

We are all a small part of a bigger story and it is such an honor! 

Periodically when I am in Haiti, we go and do house visits. It is a good way for us to do a check-in with the family and build a deeper relationship with them from having one-on-one time.  The families we visit are always so excited to welcome us into their home and have a sit down conversation with us. Last Tuesday we went to visit two different families who are part of our sponsorship program.
Our director Benson wasn't sure of the exact house but knew the area where the first family lived. He got out of the car on the main road and within a few steps someone said his name. It was the older brother of the student we were going to visit. He was sitting in the shade on the side of the road reading his bible. He got up quickly and led us into the back where his other two younger brothers and some neighbors were playing soccer. We went into their house that the 3 brothers share with their uncle. We took some time to talk about Easter, how school is going for all 3 and asked them to share one thing about the family. The oldest brother said he wanted to share his family story. "In 2010 our father passed away from the earthquake. My mother was raising us until she passed away in 2015. Now we live with our uncle, who has a hard time caring for us, but does his best. Thank you for helping Daken stay in school and get a good education at the private school by covering his tuition. This helps our uncle a lot. Me and my other brother are in public school. We all attend church". He followed up with asking if we will be expanding our program because he has hopes of being part of it. Their bond and love for each other and the Lord was evident. 

Shortly after that visit, we went to visit another family. Ismael was one of our first students in our sponsorship program. Visiting their family is something I look forward to when I am in Haiti. I love having some uninterrupted time to hear about what is going on with the family. They recently moved to a new neighborhood, they are very involved with their church and overall most things are going good. Terancia is the only parent and only source of income, which makes their financial situation tough. The oldest son (10th grade) gets sent home periodically from his school because of illness related to stomach pains. Most of the time, those stomach pains are because of hunger. When we asked for their prayer request she said: " To have her sons continue to grow up in the house of God because Haiti can be a difficult country to grow up in. She also prays that God would continue to help her in her current situation as she has the role of both mom & dad". 
" Direct your children onto the right path,
    and when they are older, they will not leave it." Proverbs 22:6 NLT

We all have a story. Some who are willing to share it publicly and others that aren't. I LOVE being an ear to listen and receive what someone has to share with me. As our program continues to grow, I pray that we always take the time to listen and build that deeper relationship with not only the families who are part of our program, but also the people who support our vision. Our small story is part of God's #KINGDOMBUILDING story and it is an honor to be part of it!