Discipleship: Saturday Community Program

In collaboration with a local Haitian organization (CEPRAS), Sant Espwa desires to empower and encourage children and young adults through Jesus Christ and the Gospel.  


What do we currently do: On Saturdays we host a children's program with a bible lesson, prayer, & a variety of activities. These activities change weekly and provide the children with tools and resources to use what they have learned in their homes, churches, schools, and community.


Education: Tuition Sponsorship

In Haiti, tuition-free education is very limited and many families are encountering extreme poverty. Education is fundamental in what we do. We know it can help break the cycle of poverty, keep families together AND have the potential to change the future of Haiti. It is also a straight path to sharing the gospel. Our work focuses on investing in the future of children, families, and communities. This work starts with education and continues as we walk alongside families, build partnerships, strengthen communities, and establish hope.


What do we currently do: We provide tuition-assistance to over 40 children in Port-au-Prince, thanks to our very generous donors and sponsors. That assistance includes all enrollment fees, tuition paid for the full year, and partial financial support for books/uniforms.


Community Partnerships: Weekly water truck 

 Local leaders know their communities best. When we seek to listen and understand the change they desire, their goals, and their needs, we can best help walk alongside them and provide the appropriate resources. Our goal is to see long-term systemic change in these communities. 

What do we currently do: Sant Espwa partners with a local Haitian organization, CEPRAS, to help support community projects throughout the year. Sant Espwa recently has started to provide weekly water trucks to a community right outside of Port-au-Prince. This community does not  have easy access to water. A water truck (3,500 gallon tanker) is filled up at water station and drives to the community where people line up with buckets to receive the water.

I believe there is only one truly courageous thing we can do with our lives: to love unconditionally. Absolutely, with all of ourselves, so much that it hurts and then more.
— Katie Davis