FAQ about Sponsorship

The sponsorship program has been designed to give children a brighter future through the gift of a Christ-Centered Education.  Through the sponsorship program we can ensure that children will continue to go to school and build upon their education to open up more opportunities for them in the future.  These children are the future of Haiti! Sponsorship is also very important because tuition pays for teachers salaries and facilities.

By sponsoring a child, you will be able to build a personal relationship with that child through letter writing, academic progress reports, and photos/drawings. Your involvement will not only show that child that they are loved but is also a way to share God’s love.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a sponsor? 

Click on the links below to select  a child that you would like to sponsor!

What happens after I sponsor a child?

You will have the opportunity to write your sponsored child and send them photos/drawings. You will also receive progress reports of your sponsored child half way through the school year and at the end of the school year. Your child’s family will be notified that they have been sponsored.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

The cost to sponsor a child is $50/month or $600/year which covers a students entire year of tuition, entrance fees, the option to participate in weekly activities and bible study with CEPRAS, and additional supplies/books as needed. You can pay this monthly on a recurring basis or annually. Please note that if you choose to pay annually, your card will be charged for the full amount once your sponsorship form is completed.

How do I communicate with my sponsored child?

You can send letters to your child to the address below.  Please keep in mind that these letters have to be hand delivered to Haiti so the dates and times they get to your child will be variable.  We will post on our Facebook and Instagram page as those dates get finalized throughout the year.  

Letters, cards and photos can be mailed to: Sant Epswa PO BOX 13636 Roseville, MN 55113. Please keep in mind that this is a mid-size PO BOX and we cannot accept large envelopes at this time. 

What should I write to my sponsored child?

You should write words of encouragement and remind them how much Jesus loves them.  The children love to hear about your family.  You can also share pictures of your family, pets, season changes - especially snow! By writing to your child you are showing them they are loved.  Remember the sponsorship program is about changing lives and this is a great way to help motivate and encourage your child to be and do the best that they can!

What should I not write to my child?

Its discouraging to show pictures of family vacations or experiences that our children may never get to experience.  Showing pictures of excess can also be discouraging to the children. 

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

Sant Espwa wants to make sure that we are giving purposely and not creating a dependent relationship. We also like to purchase directly from Haiti when possible instead of bringing items from the US to Haiti. However, there may be times when there is a certain need and we will reach out to sponsors for those specific items.

Is my sponsorship tax deductible?

Yes, Sant Espwa is approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) with an effective date of exemption as: February 10, 2015. We will be sending all of our donors an end of year tax receipt.

How do I cancel my sponsorship?

You can cancel your sponsorship by clicking on the original email sent to you when you created your sponsorship recurring plan. The subject of the email would be "Recurring Plan Successfully Created". From there you can manage and cancel your sponsorship. You can also send us an email to: info@santespwa.org and we will cancel your sponsorship for you.